At Shipping Containers Ipswich, we have affordable high quality shipping containers for sale in Ipswich. With years of experience delivering new and used shipping containers to Ipswich Residents. We offer both hire and buy options for our huge range of containers, and have depots all over Australia (including our Brisbane depot) so we can guarantee fast delivery to your door or site with the highest quality service!


If you’re in need for a shipping container for sale in Ipswich, Shipping Containers Brisbane is the place for you. Our welcoming and caring staff will help you find the perfect shipping container to meet your needs – whether it is a long term storage solution or something else. For extra security we can add a lock box or if you would like to open up your container, we can add a window.

Different types of shipping containers come in several styles and sizes with modification options available.  Some of our shipping container products range in styles and sizes as per the following:

  • Standard General Purpose Shipping Containers are 8ft wide, 8.5ft high and come in three length: 10ft (3.10m), 20ft (6.05m) and 40ft (12.19m).
  • High Cube Shipping Containers are 9.6ft (2.90m) high and come in two lengths: 20ft (6.05m) and 40ft (12.19m).
  • A standard general purpose 20ft container has a capacity of 33.0m3 and can hold 200 full-sized mattresses!


We specialise in container modifications at Shipping Containers Ipswich. You can pick from our pre-designed container cafes, workshops, site offices, accommodation units or switch rooms to name a few; or our specialist team can design a shipping container modifications to suit your requirements. For those who would like a bit extra we have a long list of shipping container accessories to add to your modified shipping container. Our team will be more than happy to help you pick the right accessories for your modified container at competitive prices!

Shipping Containers in Ipswich


Shipping Containers Brisbane offers General Purpose, High Cube and Refrigerated shipping containers for hire. Our most popular for storage and shipping container hire is the General Purpose container. They are watertight, secure and durable. Hiring a shipping container is a great way to be cost effective and environmentally friendly.

One option of hiring a shipping container is the Load Yourself Removals Hire Service for Shipping Containers Ipswich. We will deliver a shipping container to your house. You can then take your time to pack your goods-  Remember a 20ft shipping container is 33 cubic meters and should able to store contents of a three-bedroom house (beds, furniture and electronics etc). Once your ready and your container is packed we will pick the container up and deliver it to your new house. You then can have the container for as long as you need for extra storage. We will pick the shipping container up once you are ready and moved into your new house.

Hire rates start at $2.49 a day for a 20ft shipping container. We offer extremely flexible hire period arrangements and fast delivery straight to your door.


Call us direct today on (07) 3198 6697 to buy or hire a shipping container.