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If you’re looking for the best place to hire a shipping container, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Shipping Containers Brisbane we have a range of shipping containers that come in three types of containers available for hire: General PurposeHigh Cube and Refrigerated. Shipping containers are easy to hire, and they’re not expensive either – from just a few dollars a day. So if you’re looking for the best deal and only need a shipping container for a short time, hiring a container is a great idea. It’s not difficult either – a quick email or a call to our friendly customer service team on (07) 3185 2170 will have you sorted in no time!

General Purpose, High Cube and Refrigerated containers are the most popular (and many say, the most versatile) shipping containers on the market. Which makes them an easy and cost-effective choice for anyone seeking to hire a shipping container rather than buy one.


Big business, medium business, small business, corporate, construction, mining, rail, energy and shipping industries are all customers of ours. However, we also we also hire to the general public as well. So if you just need a shipping container for a short time, we can arrange it quickly and easily. And when you hire a container from Shipping Containers Brisbane, you don’t have to worry about anything as the delivery and removal are all taken care of by us.


If you need a container for a short period while you renovate or move house, hiring is a sensible option. Many of our customers hire a shipping container when they’ve been transferred overseas, instead of committing to more expensive storage options. Or perhaps you may want to rent out your holiday house over the busy Brisbane summer, keep your personal belongings securely locked up in a container at the back of the property. This is easily done with a short term container hire, and easily removed once the tourists have gone home.


General purpose, refrigerated and high cube containers are the most commonly requested shipping containers, and these are all available for hire through Shipping Containers Brisbane, in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes at extremely competitive prices. Deciding what size shipping container you need can be tricky, but our friendly and knowledgeable staff should be able to help you work out the best fit for your individual storage requirements. They know all about dimensions, weights, uses and capacity, and will be able to advise the best container for you.


Moving to another Brisbane suburb or venturing up the coast to far North Queensland? Or maybe you’re moving interstate? (Though why anyone would want to leave beautiful Queensland eludes us!). Wherever it is you’re moving to, make sure you check out our Load Yourself Removal Service first. It’s a really simple way to move your house or business, without the timing or financial stress that hiring removalists can often bring. First up we deliver a shipping container to your premises, where you can pack (or arrange to have packed) your belongings at a time and pace to suit you. Once your container is ready to go, we arrange to have it picked up and taken to your new premises. Once there you can unpack at your own pace (no boxes dumped in the middle of the lounge room, or furniture blocking doorways!). Container interstate removalists are efficient and it’s easy. And the best part? It’s dirt cheap when compared to expensive removalist costs!


Our minimum container hire contract is for a 3 month period. However, we can remove your container at any time you require, so even if you only need it for a week or a month, hiring a container is still a very viable option. Extended leases are available too. If you do want to hire a container for a very long time however, you may be better off buying one. As this may be a cheaper option long-term.


Hiring a shipping container is not expensive. It really isn’t! With Shipping Containers Brisbane, container hire costs start at just $3.25 a day! As a storage solution, you really can’t do better than that. We deliver the container direct to your site, so you have 24/7 access to your storage whenever you want it. No need to hire a truck, drive to a storage centre, wait for them to open, unload the truck at the other end and carry items to your storage centre (and vice versa when you want to get them back out!). With a container hire from Shipping Containers Brisbane, your belongings are accessible whenever you need them. By all means research the alternatives and you’ll discover that our self-storage prices are considerably cheaper than any other option on the market. So if you want the best storage deal available anywhere in Queensland, hiring a container from Shipping Containers Brisbane is a pretty sensible decision!


In the vast majorities of cases, hiring a container does not come with any restrictions. However some pesky councils in Brisbane restrict the use of a shipping container past a certain number of days, or require the same DA approvals as constructing a shed; so it is a good idea to check out any regulations that your council may have before hiring. Where you want the shipping container to sit on your property must be carefully considered as well. Level ground is important (obviously), and if you want the container to sit up off the ground, ensuring that footings are in place before your container arrives is a must. Also, suitable access to your property is mandatory and needs to be worked out before we arrange delivery (though you will be surprised at the places our experience team get a container into!).


The size, weight and sheer bulk of a shipping container make them look impossible to move, but remember that shipping containers are designed to be portable! (That’d be the ‘shipping’ part of ‘Shipping Containers!’). Therefor delivering a shipping container is actually very easy. And when you’ve moved as many containers as we have, you’ll know that as big as they are, the move always goes without a hitch.


Need your container in a hurry? No worries. We have shipping containers in depots Australia wide, so wherever you live, we can get one to you quickly and promptly. Sometimes within 24 hours. Brisbane deliveries will be quicker than Far North Queensland because of our Brisbane depot, but in general, we have quick and convenient delivery. (Particularly useful if you’re hiring a refrigerated container because your cool-room has broken down!)


Great! Give us a call on (07) 3185 2170 or fill out our short quote form (top right of screen) and we’ll fix up everything for you. It’s easy hiring a shipping container from Shipping Containers Brisbane!