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So you’ve decided to buy a shipping container in Brisbane. Good choice! And buying one from Shipping Containers Brisbane is an even better choice, as we’re a local company that leads the way in the manufacturing of shipping containers for sale. Based in Brisbane, we have depots all over the country and deliver nationwide. So it doesn’t matter if you want to buy a shipping container for the backyard or you want to purchase a hundred shipping containers for a new construction, road, agricultural or mining project. Big business or small business, private or corporate, we are your local one stop destination to find shipping containers for sale. As a complete turn-key container company, we offer both new and used containers, ready made and good to go. Or else can modify and customise a container to suit you.


Take a quick look around any busy port like the one in Brisbane, and you’ll see that shipping containers are still in use in a big way for their original purpose: importing and exporting goods around Asia and around the world. So if you’re an exporter or importer and need either a new or used container to transport your goods or cargo, you’ve come to the right place. Shipping Containers Brisbane have a huge range of shipping containers for sale that will ensure your goods are protected both coming into and going out of the country.


Standard containers include general shipping containers (excellent for shipping and storing general items that need to be protected from the elements, but don’t need insulation) high cube containers (an extra foot in height gives extra capacity) and side loading containers that make loading and unloading easy. Naturally they are all built to withstand the rigours of travelling, and will transport your cargo safely.

Specialised containers include refrigerated containers (for refrigerated goods), insulated containers (for goods that don’t need refrigeration, but do need a steady temperature) open top containers (for crane-loaded goods), and flat rack containers (for large, long, or bulky goods). If you’re not sure which container is best for your needs, simply contact our friendly customer service team. They know the ins and outs of all our shipping containers, and will help choose the best one for you.


Buying a shipping container and putting it in your backyard is a great way to make the most of your garden. Shipping containers have been converted into all sorts of clever residential uses, including garden sheds, workshops, art studios, home offices, outdoor rooms, pool cabanas, visitor accommodation, and much much more. There are a few things you need to consider when purchasing a shipping container for your garden or farm, like site accessibility, ensuring the ground is level, and whether you need footings to keep the container off the ground. But if that’s all in order, you can have your container delivered within just a few days and extend your at home storage capacity at very little cost. And unlike building a large garden shed, a shipping container is 100% portable, and can be taken with you should you decide to move at a later date.


Shipping Containers are specifically designed for ease of transportation, so delivering your new container will be a breeze. At Shipping Containers Brisbane our drivers have many years’ experience delivering, offloading and setting up containers, so there’s never any stress when the container arrives. Some sites of course are easier to deliver to than others, and access to individual properties can occasionally prove tricky. So discuss any potential issues with your property, and we’ll choose the best way to deliver it. We have a range of versatile delivery options, including tilt trays, side loaders, and Hiab cranes – so one of them will be just right for the job.  Be aware however that some councils have regulations regarding shipping containers on private property, so it is worth finding out the rules for your area before purchasing.


The portable and durable nature of shipping containers has seen them become very popular purchases in industries like construction, mining and energy, where each project operates on a temporary basis and the worksite needs to be removed at the end of the project. Customised or ‘modified’ shipping containers are the perfect solution for this, and Shipping Containers Brisbane are past masters of building the perfect container for whatever you require. While a lot of the time a general purpose shipping container is all you need, there are times when you’ll require container customisation to meet your individual needs (housing, toilets, site offices, first aid rooms, switch rooms, lunch rooms, confined space training containers, dangerous goods containers and explosive magazines are just a few of the modified containers that we can provide for you). As container modification specialists we can customise the containers to your precise requirements.  From extra doors or windows, to kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and fittings, we can do it all. We can also paint the container with your logo or company colours if required. So if you’re a site manager, or else are in procurement, make your life easy by picking up the phone and calling Brisbane Shipping Containers today.


Buying a shipping container is one thing. Turning it into something amazing is quite another. Fortunately, Shipping Containers Brisbane have extensive experience in modifying and repurposing shipping containers into something completely new. As one of Queensland’s leading specialists in container modification projects we have years of experience in converting a simple (or grand!) idea into something really special. We’ve created portable stages, pop up container cafes and, portable restaurants, portable workshops, crowd-stopping exhibition booths, breathtaking trade show stands and eye-watering container homes. Because when it comes to container modifications, the sky really is the limit. So let Shipping Containers Brisbane turn your personal or business idea into a grand design, today!


If you need additional storage for tools or equipment, a shed or warehouse is always an option; but if your storage needs are only temporary, and especially if your goods, cargo, machinery or equipment will need to be removed at the end of a job, a shipping container or two may be the ideal answer. Shipping Containers Brisbane’s huge range of containers will allow you to combine shelter and storage together conveniently and cost-effectively.


Everybody knows that Queensland is one Australia’s top tourist destinations, and we have one of the highest numbers of tourists coming to Brisbane and the rest of our beautiful state. So if you own a caravan park or holiday destination and need to expand your accommodation, shipping container accommodation is a versatile and cost-effective option. At Shipping Containers Brisbane we have a range of portable self-contained accommodation, perfect for the tourist trade. We can also create customised containers – you may like to set up a backpacker’s dormitory-style cabin, or add a camp kitchen or remote cabin or two. Container cabins and container ‘hotels’ are very popular with people seeking something a little different, and you can really give your caravan or holiday park an edge with this fun and funky form of accommodation.


Shipping containers have been built to withstand pretty rough conditions. They’re earthquake-proof and storm-proof, easily transported and easily removed. So it’s not surprising that they’re a popular choice of quick and easy emergency housing in places where natural disasters have occurred. They’re even used as instant hospitals, as the buildings can shipped in and be ready to offer aid within hours. At Shipping Containers Brisbane we have a great range of shipping container accommodation which can be utilised in an emergency, including ablution blocks designed for remote conditions which don’t even require power or water to operate!


The price of a shipping container depends on many considerations! If you’re looking for just a simple used shipping container for storage on your property, a couple thousand dollars is all you’ll need. The more specialised and modified containers range in price according to the modifications and accessories, but we think you will be surprised at how cost effective a shipping container can be.


If you need to buy a shipping container, let the experts at Shipping Containers Brisbane make it easy for you. Give us a call on (07) 3185 2170 and tell us what your needs are. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team will be able to let you know the different options available, and give you a quote within minutes. Alternatively, you can fill in our online quote form, and we’ll respond to you immediately with an instant quote.