Property prices are rising constantly, making it pretty difficult and unaffordable to buy a dream home. So could a shipping container home in Brisbane be a cheaper alternative? Below we discuss some of the pros and cons of going the shipping container homes route, rather than the traditional build bricks and mortar route.


  • Eco-friendly: Shipping Containers are versatile, environmentally friendly, and can be easily re-purposed into homes, with both new (or ‘one-trip containers’) or second-hand containers suitable for being re-purposed as a building block in a container home.
  • Affordable & Cost-Effective: The cost of buying shipping containers in Brisbane varies according to the size of container needed. But buying and connecting shipping containers into a shipping container home is considerably cheaper than buying the same sized homes cost from brick and mortar.
  • Stylish and hip: Tiny homes are ‘in’ right now, with a worldwide trend for affordable housing driving the increase in container homes being purchased. And as demand goes up, so too does the need to stand out from the crowd with a unique container home architecture design.
  • Structural strengthShipping containers are designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, bear heavy loads and rough seas, and can also easily be stacked one on top of the other to form multi-story homes.
  • Ease of Construction: Constructing shipping container homes takes weeks rather than months. Which cannot be said when building a ‘normal’ home of bricks, etc.
  • Off-Site Construction: Designed shipping container homes can be built off-site at Shipping Container Brisbane’s world-renowned container modification workshop, and then delivered to your site/ plot of land ready to be connected per the architectural plans
  • Safety: Shipping containers are made of Corton steel, and are quite literally, ‘As safe as houses’!

Cons of Shipping Container Homes:

  • Heat Control & Insulation: Shipping containers are large steel boxes when all’s said and done, and as such, they absorb and transmit cold and heat easily. This makes it really difficult to control the temperature inside. Naturally, this problem is negated when your container home is designed with ducted air-conditioning. Great for a tiny home living area or granny flat.
  • Repurposing : Used containers may come into your possession a little worse for wear, with some showing signs of rust, or else being dented or scratched from travelling the seven seas hauling cargo. However containers are remarkably durable and can be re-purposed by Shipping Containers Brisbane Pty Ltd very easily.
  • Constructing Container Homes is Tricky. Sure you can buy containers and buy container joining kits to add them together to make a cheap home. But where’s the style in that? To really stand out from the crowd, get the experts to design, built and construct your shipping container home that comply with the appropriate building code, when building on your property. That way you’ll avoid the ‘newbie’ traps many people fall into.