Ever wished there was such a thing as a giant lock box in which to store your various possessions? A way in which you could store things easily, in your preferred location that is safe, secure and affordable? 

For a storage solution that is all this and more, you need a shipping container. With a range of benefits that traditional storage cannot match, shipping containers are an often overlooked storage solution. 

Unsure if this storage option is for you? At Shipping Containers Brisbane, we offer a range of high-quality containers in all types and sizes to meet your needs.  

With years of experience in all things containers, we’re here to walk you through how shipping containers are ideal for storing items of all kinds. 

The Growing Need for Storage Solutions

Alongside the growing challenges of buying property or finding a rental in Australia, the need for storage is also becoming more apparent. 

Whether due to downsizing, being between homes or struggling to find a suitably sized dwelling, Aussies are increasingly seeking out reliable storage solutions. 

Self-storage, whereby a storage unit is rented in a fixed location and usually on a short-term basis, is common. 

Increasingly, however, more portable, flexible options are being sought. This is where shipping containers come into their own. 

The Concept Of Shipping Container Storage 

Shipping containers may appear to be just giant metal boxes, but when it comes to storage, their durability and strength make them ideal for long-term storage.

Able to be used as-is or fitted out with shelving and other additions, shipping containers as storage offer flexibility alongside portability. This is something storage units in purpose-built storage facilities cannot match. 

Imagine being able to move all your stored items, in one go, to a new location as needed. No unpacking, heavy lifting, sorting a new storage unit and reorganising your items to fit. 

Simply book to have your container moved and that’s it! As an added benefit, you can access your items at any time – you are not confined to the hours set by a storage facility. 

While fixed storage units benefit from CCTV monitoring and other security measures, shipping containers are also very secure. 

Opting for a shipping container does not mean compromising on security, particularly with the addition of a lock box and advanced locking system.

The Lesser Known Benefits Of Shipping Container Storage 

The practicality and convenience of portable storage for both short-term and long-term storage needs are easy to see compared with traditional options. 

Other lesser-known benefits include:

Economic & Practical Advantages 

There are cost benefits to using shipping containers for self-storage. Compared to renting a storage facility or buying/renting more real estate to accommodate your items, shipping containers are much more cost-effective. 

Monthly rent on a shipping container is often much lower than a storage unit and if you opt to buy one for long-term storage, it is even more affordable.  

When you’re done with your container, you can also sell it to recoup some of your expenses – this is impossible with fixed storage options.  

Flexibility & Accessibility

Just about anything can be stored in a shipping container from clothing to appliances, books, tools, farming equipment and more.  

As they can also be easily modified to enhance access to the items stored within, this makes them exceedingly flexible as a storage solution. 

No matter what you need to store or how readily you need to get to your items, a shipping container makes it easy. 

Safety & Security 

As containers are made to withstand extreme weather and safely transport goods across vast distances, they are understandably very secure. No windows, thick steel and reinforced floors mean they can survive years of use without issue. 

While their large swing doors can make it easier for a would-be burglar to gain access, the addition of a lock box and advanced locking system makes them nearly impenetrable. 

Purposely made for securing containers, these specialised locks provide added reassurance that your possessions are safe at all times. 

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Choosing a shipping container for storage supports a more sustainable future for the planet. 

Rather than being disposed of, repurposing a container into storage keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills.

Avoiding large-scale storage facilities also means less energy consumption for a further reduction in your carbon footprint. 

Shipping Containers Brisbane – Storage Solutions Made Simple

At Shipping Containers Brisbane, we have years of experience in the container industry. We know the value of a container and its usefulness well beyond its seafaring days. 

From basic containers for storage to refrigerated containers, high-cube options, dangerous goods containers and more, we have new and used options to suit your needs.

We work with you to meet your budget and match you to the most suitable container. We facilitate delivery, transfer or pick up of your container as required and can also help you modify it or dispose of it when necessary.      

Dedicated to meeting customers’ storage needs through the provision of safe, secure, and affordable solutions, we’ve simplified storage Australia-wide. 

If you are seeking an inexpensive storage solution that keeps you in control of your items and can move with you as needed, consider a shipping container. 

To learn more or to organise your new storage solution, contact Shipping Containers Brisbane today at (07) 3185 2170