Shipping Containers Brisbane has the best prices when it comes to new containers for sale 2022. Our solid Corten steel shipping containers comply with all the relevant Australian standards and are suitable for international shipping. In fact, whether you are looking to hire or buy a shipping container, we offer incredibly cost-effective shipping container prices. Contact our customer service team to get the best quality shipping container for your money!

New containers for sale 2022: standard shipping containers

At Shipping Containers Brisbane we manufacture three different types of standard shipping containers:

New Containers For Sale 2022

  • general purpose shipping containers
  • high cube shipping containers
  • side opening shipping containers

Our standard shipping containers are incredibly popular. Because they are both water proof and vermin proof, our solid steel containers provide an ideal storage solution. Depending on your needs, you could opt for a 10 foot, 20 foot, or 40 foot shipping container. In addition to providing an immediate and secure storage space, the added advantage of using a shipping container is that it gives you portable storage. Contact our team to find out more!

New containers for sale 2022: specialised shipping containers

We manufacture a wide range of specialised shipping containers. These are used for cargo that requires certain dimensions or conditions. Many of these are available in two sizes: 20ft shipping containers as well as 40ft shipping containers. Our range of specialised shipping containers for sale includes:

  • bolster shipping containers
  • bulker shipping containers
  • dangerous goods shipping containers
  • flat racks
  • gantry shipping containers
  • half height shipping containers
  • open top shipping containers
  • insulated shipping containers
  • refrigerated shipping containers

If you are storing or transporting something that can’t be accommodated in a standard shipping container, contact our team to discuss which of our specialised shipping containers is best. With such an incredibly wide range of new containers for sale 2022, there will be one that suits your needs. You can rely on our experienced and friendly customer service team to provide you with all the expert advice and guidance you need when making your purchasing decision.

New containers for sale 2022: modified shipping containers

In addition to standard and specialised shipping containers, our team are experts when it comes to shipping container modification. Our modified containers are popular with the general public as well as the mining, energy, rail, agricultural and construction industries.

Based on years of experience in the shipping industry, we have developed a range of pre-modified shipping containers that can be ordered immediately. In fact, many of our new containers for sale 2022 can be dispatched within as little as 24 hours.

Our range of ready-modified shipping containers includes:

  • shipping container cafes
  • shipping container kitchens
  • shipping container bars
  • shipping container shops
  • shipping container homes
  • trade show displays
  • change room containers
  • site office containers
  • accommodation units
  • lunch room containers
  • training room containers
  • switch room containers
  • ablution unit containers
  • first aid room containers
  • portable workshop containers
  • container shelters
  • portable buildings
  • open air storage units

We have a wide range of new containers for sale 2022. It’s efficient, convenient, and affordable.

Because we have depots throughout Australia, you can expect your shipping container(s) to be delivered to your site within a couple of days. In order to maximise convenience and safety, we will take care of the delivery for you. We have the necessary equipment and vehicles to load, transport, and unload your containers safely and securely. Furthermore, our experienced team will ensure that your shipping containers are placed exactly where you need them on your property.

From transporting cargo to providing guest accommodation, our top quality shipping containers provide a wealth of options and opportunities.

Shipping Containers Brisbane is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the Australian shipping industry. After all, shipping containers were designed for transporting good by sea and providing efficient intermodal transport.

No matter what you want to transport, you want to ensure that your cargo arrives secure and intact. Our quality solid Corten steel containers are made to provide safe and secure transport for just about any kind of cargo. If you want to ship cargo, contact our expert team to ensure that you select the best shipping container for your needs.

Businesses and industries benefit enormously from our range of pre-modified containers.

It’s quick and cost-effective to set up anything from a few facilities to a full industrial site. The affordability is amazing when you consider the fact that you can easily transport your modified containers to the next site when needed.

If past years are anything to go by, many of our new containers for sale 2022 will be for residential use.

From garden sheds to teen pads and art studios, you can transform your home without having to make a huge financial investment.

For quality shipping containers at affordable prices, contact Shipping Containers Brisbane!