We provide many shipping container offices for QLD. Industries, businesses and individuals buy our Australian-made container offices to use on both industrial and non industrial sites. Why should you buy our shipping container offices for QLD? Our container offices are robust, secure, and portable. Contact our team for a free quote.

We manufacture high quality yet cost effective shipping container offices for QLD.

As an established business in the shipping industry, we ensure that we only supply our customers with quality Corten steel containers. Corten steel, also known as weathering steel, is used because it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. It’s robust, ensuring you have a container office to suit just about any climate. Buying directly from us means that you pay less but receive the best quality. Contact our team to discuss what you are looking for, and get a free quote.

A shipping container site office is ideal for all kinds of work sites.

This is probably one of the most common uses of shipping containers. Whether it’s for a mining, agricultural, or construction site, our modified containers are the solution you are looking for. We manufacture the strongest shipping container site offices for QLD. These shipping container site offices for QLD have the following features:

Shipping Container Offices for QLD

  • heavy duty Corten steel shipping container
  • high level of security
  • reliable lighting and power supply
  • equipped with phone and data
  • air-conditioning
  • side personnel door with a heavy duty lock
  • windows with heavy duty security shutters
  • insulated roof
  • easy to transport and relocate
  • wind and water proof
  • vermin proof

You can provide your project manager and other staff with comfortable and functional office space for the duration of the project. Thereafter, because it’s a portable building, you can simply move it to the next project site. Portable offices and facilities provide cost-effective, secure, robust, and mobile solutions. You can set up an entire site in record time, and get working on your site as soon as you need to.

When you buy one of our shipping container offices for QLD, you can specify the modifications to suit your needs.

At Shipping Containers Brisbane, we have a range of pre-designed shipping container offices for QLD. These are ready-made and available almost immediately for dispatch. All you need to do is place your order, and await a swift delivery.

However, we also design and manufacture custom modified shipping container offices for QLD. Our customisation and modification centre is at the forefront of the container industry developments.

We modify a wide range of shipping containers into transportable buildings. They can be as long as a 40 foot container, if that’s what you require. From doors and windows to air conditioning and shelving, we will design, manufacture, and deliver exactly what you need. We can even supply office furniture for shipping container offices for QLD.

Our shipping container offices for QLD are modular and expandable.

The beauty of shipping containers is their modular design. You can stack, connect, and expand your shipping container buildings to better meet changing needs. It might be something small, like adding an additional air conditioner unit. It might be a more substantial modification, such as adding a kitchenette or en suite. Regardless, our team will design, manufacture, and deliver top quality site facilities.

We will work with you to ensure that your shipping container site office is customised for your particular needs. A good site office design is one that allows you to run your operation efficiently. An organised site office is a prerequisite for a well-oiled and productive project. Collaborate with our design team, and enjoy running your project smoothly from your office. Contact our design team to discuss your next project.

A shipping container home office solves all kinds of problems!

The past two years have seen more and more people work from home. And many people are continuing to work from home, or enjoy a hybrid arrangement with their working hours split between home and the office. However, working from home does come with its challenges.

Firstly, there’s simply the matter of space. Not many homes have a dedicated office that can be fitted out to suit your work. Secondly, there are usually many more distractions when working from home. Kids, pets, the TV (and even the fridge!) can disrupt your concentration. Essentially, it’s difficult to establish a clear boundary between work time and your personal space. The solution? A shipping container home office.

Our shipping container offices for QLD make ideal home offices.

It’s far more affordable than embarking on renovations, such as building an additional room to your home. And our team will ensure that your shipping container home office is as comfy as any other office. It’s an affordable way to ensure you have a dedicated space to work, free from distractions, where you can securely store your work-related materials. It’s so quick and easy! Our team will design, manufacture, and deliver your ideal home office. We will use a tilt tray (or crane if necessary) to deliver your office, and ensure it is safely offloaded and positioned on your property.

Contact us for a free quote for a shipping container office.