If you want to hire a shipping container in Brisbane, we provide quick and affordable solutions. Using a container for self-storage allows you to have 24/7 access to your goods, a far more convenient alternative to a storage centre All you need to do is contact our customer service team and arrange for the container of your choice to be dispatched.

Our team makes it quick and easy to hire a shipping container in Brisbane.

If you compare various storage options, you will quickly see that our shipping containers are a cost effective storage solution. Strong, sturdy, and secure, our quality shipping containers are ideal for both long term and short term storage. All our containers are vermin proof and tested to ensure water tightness.

There are three options for those wanting to hire a shipping container in Brisbane: general purpose, high cube, and refrigerated shipping containers. In addition, you can choose between a 20ft, or 40ft shipping container, depending on how much temporary storage you require. General purpose, high cube, and refrigerated shipping containers are incredibly versatile, which is probably why they are the most popular shipping containers on the market. If you need short term storage, then it’s far more practical (and affordable) to hire a shipping container in Brisbane rather than look at shipping containers for sale.

With shipping container hire pricing from just a few dollars a day, there isn’t a better option.

Hire a Shipping Container in Brisbane

Our quality shipping containers for hire are incredibly cost-effective short term storage units. Because we don’t have a minimum hire requirement, you can hire as few or as many containers as you need. You could have strong and secure storage facilities for as little as a few dollars a day! But it’s not just the affordability of hiring a container that is appealing. They are incredibly practical and versatile too.

Not only can shipping containers be placed anywhere, the modular design allows for easy and secure stacking. Furthermore, because shipping containers are designed with efficient intermodal transport in mind, they make ideal portable storage facilities. If you need to move equipment on a site, or from one site to another, hiring a shipping container provides storage and portability in one easy solution.

Businesses, industries, and the general public are able to hire a shipping container in Brisbane at affordable rates.

Because shipping containers are so versatile, we have found that they are used across the board. Small businesses, large corporations, and various industries including the rail, shipping, construction, mining, agricultural and energy industries, take advantage of our affordable shipping container hire rates. In addition, we also hire shipping containers to the general public too. If you need to store items for a short-period of time, then our containers are a secure and cheap solution.

Families are realising how much they save by hiring a shipping container.

Many people need to store household contents in the short term while they are moving house, or renovating their home. Using a shipping container means that your furniture and appliances are protected, giving you peace of mind so that you can focus on your home. If your employer transfers you to another city, then hiring a container is the most affordable storage option to house your possessions until a later date. More and more people are earning additional income by renting out a property, especially when people flock to Brisbane’s beaches in the summer. A shipping container allows you to store your personal possessions on site, keeping them safe and secure until the tourist season is over and you want to use the property yourself.

To make it as convenient as possible, we will deliver and collect your shipping containers for you.

We routinely deliver a wide range of shipping containers throughout Australia. We have the equipment and expertise to deliver your container to site, and offload it efficiently and safely. When you no longer need the container, our team will arrive to load it onto a truck and remove it from the property. We work to ensure that it is quick, easy, and affordable to hire a shipping container in Brisbane. Our process is all about making the process as convenient as possible for all our customers.

Contact our team to enquire about affordable shipping container hire.

If you require professional advice before you hire a shipping container in Brisbane, our experienced team is only too willing to help. We know all about shipping container sizes, dimensions, capacity, weights, and uses. We will ensure that when you hire a shipping container in Brisbane, it is the right type and size of shipping container for your needs. Our minimum container hire contract is for 3 months, but we will remove the container sooner if you need it for a shorter period. We also provide extended leases if required.