Shipping container homes in Queensland are a cost effective yet high quality residential solution. If you are interested in building a container home, contact our experienced team. We build all kinds of residential and commercial structures from robust shipping containers.

We build a wide variety of quality shipping container homes in Queensland.

Our expert team designs shipping container homes according to each client’s specifications. If you want a shipping container house that feels less ramshackle steel and more architecturally designed, you have come to the right place! We build custom container home designs that comply with any relevant building code. Contact us to discuss your ideas, and we will make your dream a reality.

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular as more people want to live mortgage free.

Shipping Container Homes in Queensland

Imagine having your own custom home that is mortgage free, and can be easily moved should you choose to relocate. A tiny home is exactly that. Crafted from a shipping container (often on a trailer), a tiny house is compact, economical, and cosy. How do you fit an entire home in a shipping container? Our team has a wealth of creative ideas and storage solutions that make the most of every square foot. Contact us to chat about tiny home designs – you will be amazed at what we can achieve within your budget!

Our shipping container house designs mean that you can afford a comfortable holiday home for your family!

Shipping containers are designed to be robust, secure, and withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Add to this the fact that they are affordable, and this makes them the ideal building blocks for a holiday home at your favourite destination. Whether you want a cosy cabin, rustic cottage, or a larger more modern escape, we can create it for you. We love a creative challenge, and will work with you to ensure that you can give your family the holiday home of their dreams. Contact us to discuss your ideal retreat, and we will work within your budget to help you achieve it.

Adding a shipping container granny flat to your property allows you to enjoy an affordable multi-generational home.

More and more families are realising the benefits of having a multi-generational home. Building a shipping container granny flat allows your family to enjoy living together, whilst still allowing each generation to have an independent home. These shipping container homes in Queensland are an ideal setup for many families, especially when both parents are working.

An additional flat on your property could also function as a funky teenage pad, or a rental unit to bring in some welcome additional income every month. Whatever the intended use, a container granny flat is affordable, practical, and can be built to suit your needs. Contact our team to discuss the various options.

Buying directly from Shipping Containers Brisbane means you can be assured of a safe and healthy shipping container home.

When building a typical home, you need to ensure you are using safe materials. The same is true for a shipping container home. We will ensure that no containers that were used to store or transport toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials are used in the construction of our container homes. If you have any concerns about health and safety, you are welcome to contact us and we will carefully explain our safety policies and protocols.

For affordable shipping container homes in Queensland that meet your needs and style, contact our experienced team.