Our Brisbane depot has a wide range of shipping containers for sale. If you would like to buy a shipping container at a very competitive price, all you need to do is contact our friendly team for a free no-obligation quote.

We have only the highest quality shipping containers for sale, all at competitive prices, providing our customers with real value for money.

If you are looking for shipping containers in Brisbane, it pays to deal directly with us. Our friendly team has valuable experience in the shipping industry. This places us in a position to provide our customers with knowledgeable advice, and ensure we only supply quality products. And of course, dealing directly with us ensures that, in addition to our great customer service, you are also able to take advantage of our great prices.

Whether you want to buy a container or are looking for shipping container hire, we have a huge range from which to choose.

Shipping containers are a worthwhile investment for many individuals and businesses, which is why so many people look for shipping containers for sale. However, sometimes it makes sense to rather rent a shipping container if you will only need one for a short period of time. If that is the case, we have a range of quality shipping containers to rent in Brisbane. All you need to do it contact our team to discuss what you require, and we will provide you with an obligation-free quote.

New or used, to buy or rent, we have many different types of shipping containers available for you.

There are three types of standard shipping containers for sale: general purpose, high cube, and side opening containers.

When most people think about shipping containers for sale, they envision general purpose shipping containers. These are the simplest shipping containers available. But this simple design, combined with an incredibly strong and robust construction, makes them very versatile. This is probably our general purpose containers are so popular. If you are looking for shipping containers for sale because you want to convert a container, this is probably the best starting point.

There are two variations of the general purpose containers: high cube and side opening containers. High cube containers are simply general purpose containers that are an extra foot high. This is useful if you are looking for shipping containers for sale in order to ship taller or large cargo. Although these containers don’t have a greater weight capacity, they do provide extra height and volume.

Side opening containers are the same size as general purpose containers, with the addition of a set of heavy duty bi-fold double doors on the one side. This allows for easier access to items in storage. In particular, it allows for a forklift driver to easily drive in and out the container to deposit or retrieve items.

In addition to standard shipping containers, we also have a range of specialised shipping containers for rental and for sale in Brisbane.

If our standard shipping containers are not suitable for your cargo, then you can opt for one of our specialised shipping containers.

For items that need to be refrigerated, we supply refrigerated shipping containers. Some items do not necessarily require refrigeration, but they do need to be kept at a constant temperature. In such instances, an insulated shipping container it the best option.

For items are that are particularly large, long, or bulky, it is probably best to use an open top shipping container or a flat rack shipping container. Open top shipping containers are specifically designed for items that need to be loaded into – and unloaded from – a container by use of a crane. This is necessary when goods are too large or heavy to be loaded through a standard container’s doors. Importantly, these open top shipping containers are not suitable for items that are taller that a container: once the cargo is safely loaded into an open top container, a metal roof or tarpaulin is put in place during transit.

Very tall items are best transported in a flat rack shipping container. This type of container is particularly versatile and, therefore, useful for shipping oversized items. Cargo can be loaded from the front, top, or sides of a flat rack shipping container. In fact, walls are completely optional with this type of container!

Our team designs and constructs a range of quality modified shipping containers for sale too!

We have gained many years’ experience modifying shipping containers for the mining, construction, and agricultural industries, amongst others. A modified shipping container provides you with an affordable yet incredibly durable facility that can be easily moved from site to site.

Shipping Containers Brisbane has its own standard range of ready-modified shipping containers for sale, which can be ordered immediately. This range is ideal for setting up a site with facilities such as a site office, various storage solutions, accommodation containers, kitchen facilities, ablution blocks, etc. Additional features such as extra windows and doors, paint, insulation, air-conditioning, etc. can easily be added where needed. We are also experienced in supplying more specialised facilities such as dangerous goods shipping container modifications.

From simple to sophisticated, we do all kinds of shipping container conversions.

Whether you are looking for something as simple as long term storage facilities, or something as bespoke as a residential or business space, we are the team for you! Whether you want to create a mobile restaurant or host a funky art exhibition, we can create an affordable solution from our shipping containers.

Not sure which shipping container is best for you? Contact our friendly team for their insightful advice.

With a diverse range of new and used shipping containers for sale and to rent, all at competitive prices, you can’t go wrong by dealing with us directly. We are here to help you select the best shipping container for your needs, whether it’s to transport goods or create a new space for an exciting business venture.

We provide top quality shipping container at affordable prices, and deliver them to site where they are safely unloaded and placed in position. We pride ourselves on offering amazing customer service, whether you are buying one container or placing a bulk order.