Shipping Containers Brisbane – as our name implies – is your best bet for sourcing cheap second hand shipping containers in Brisbane. We always have a wide range of good quality used containers for sale. Simply contact our team, then let them know what you are looking for.

For your convenience, many of our second hand shipping containers in Brisbane are ready for immediate dispatch.

We deliver all kinds of shipping containers on a regular basis. If you are in urgent need of a used shipping container, we can dispatch many of them within as little as 24 hours. We take care of the delivery and off-loading at your site. Nothing could be more convenient.

Buying used shipping containers is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

Depending on the intended use, it very often makes more sense to purchase a second hand containers. Because we manufacture our shipping containers to be incredibly durable, they have an amazing lifespan. Buying one second hand is a great way to save money, but still benefit from the sturdy construction of containers for many years to come.

We can modify and even customise used shipping containers to your exact specifications.

Construction, mining, and other industries have long used modified containers for their temporary sites. We modify shipping containers into everything you need on site, from offices to storage and accommodation. It’s the ideal solution in that these containers can readily be moved to the next site once the current project is complete.

Furthermore, for more complex modifications, our team is up to the challenge! Everything from pop-up shops to restaurants is possible with our used shipping containers.

For quality used containers at amazing prices, contact our friendly team.