Shipping containers may appear at first glance as just a huge metal boxes made for ocean voyages, but did you know there are an incredible number of other uses for them? In fact, shipping containers are emerging as one of the most sustainable solutions for a variety of purposes. 

At Shipping Containers Brisbane, we have years of experience in the industry and have seen first-hand just how many ways containers can be used. Not only do we sell and lease containers, but we also have access to dedicated modification experts who can help you create the ideal shipping container solution to meet your needs.  

Still unsure if a shipping container is the answer? Here are 10 ways they can be used and repurposed. 

10 Uses For Shipping Containers

1. Storage 

One of the most well-known ways to use a container aside from shipping is for storage. Both 20 ft and 40ft shipping containers can be used for a variety of storage needs, such as storing vehicles, heavy machinery, or excess inventory. 

They’re perfect for creating additional storage on your property in an instant, being able to be placed anywhere there is firm, level ground. There is room to store just about anything and the durability of a container means your goods are safe from physical damage.  

2. Mobile Office/Workspace 

Shipping containers can be easily converted into a mobile office or workspace. With the addition of insulation and other amenities such as air conditioning, windows, lighting, doors and more, they’re ideal for backyard or site offices.

3. Portable Classrooms 

A 40ft shipping container can provide an ideal environment for teaching classes in remote areas or during emergencies when traditional classrooms are not available. 

When properly fitted out these classrooms are just as comfortable as standard builds and can allow for important teaching spaces to be added quickly when required. 

4. Emergency Shelters 

Shipping containers make perfect emergency shelters due to their durability and portability; they can be quickly moved to any location where shelter is needed in times of crisis. Being watertight and secure, they provide safe accommodation when it is needed most. 

5. Disaster Relief Centers

Containers are often used as temporary relief centres following natural disasters to provide food, medical supplies, and other necessities to those affected by the disaster while permanent structures are being rebuilt or repaired.

They can also be used as ablution blocks or ablution units in these situations to provide proper hygiene to those in need. 

6. Retail Outlets

Shipping containers have been repurposed into unique retail outlets that offer shoppers a unique shopping experience without having to invest in building construction costs upfront. 

One of the best benefits of opting for a container for your retail store is that it can also be moved to a new location with ease. 

7. Pop-Up Restaurants

Many restaurants have taken advantage of the affordability and mobility offered by shipping containers by using them as pop-up restaurants at festivals, special events and more.

8. Greenhouses 

Containers can be easily converted into greenhouses for growing plants, flowers, and other vegetation. Adding windows and a clear roof to a 40ft open-top cube shipping container is highly effective for creating an instant greenhouse. 

9. Affordable Housing

Repurposed shipping containers can provide an affordable housing solution for those in need or where a conventional building is not feasible due to cost or terrain constraints. 

Increasingly, containers are being used as a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to home building in general. 

10. Art Installations 

Repurposed shipping containers have been used to create stunning art installations that draw attention and garner acclaim in public spaces. 

Keen To Learn More? 

If you believe that a converted shipping container may provide the solution you are looking for, then Shipping Containers Brisbane is here to help. With a huge range of different types of containers available, we can consult with you regarding your needs and budget and find the ideal option. 

Our skilled modifications team can walk you through what needs to be done to bring your vision to life and our expert consultants will arrange a seamless, stress-free delivery to your location as required. 

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