We are often asked, Which shipping container should I get? When it comes to containers, there isn’t a standard answer. Which shipping container you should get will depend on your needs.

Which shipping container should I get?  is best answered by another question: Why do you need a shipping container?

There are many different types and sizes of containers. In order to provide helpful advice, we need to look at why you are purchasing or hiring a shipping container. The intended purpose will dictate which type of shipping container is best for you.

Are you intending to transport or store goods in your container?

For general goods that don’t require specific conditions, all you’ll need is a general purpose container. If you have chilled goods, you will need a refrigerated container. Should your goods require a constant temperature, but not necessarily refrigeration, then an insulated container would be best. There are various options available for large, bulky machinery, etc.

Are you wanting a modified container?

At Shipping Containers Brisbane, we manufacture a wide range of pre-modified shipping containers. These include offices, ablution blocks, accommodation, and many other facilities commonly required on construction and mining sites.

If you are wanting to embark on a more ambitious project, our team will gladly do custom modifications to transform shipping containers into everything from homes to shops and restaurants. The type of containers required will depend on your specific project.

For more advice, please contact the team at Shipping Containers Brisbane. We will help you determine the best shipping container for your needs.