Modified Containers Brisbane

Shipping Containers Brisbane have years of experience, not just in selling and hiring shipping containers, but in container modification as well. We know what each industry requires, and take pride in supplying exactly what the client wants, at short notice. We build range of modified containers, including site offices, accommodation containers, switch rooms, first aid rooms and ablution blocks that can be ordered immediately. And if your container needs some extra detailing or modification, that’s easily arranged as well. Accessories  available include air conditioning, extra windows, extra doors, insulation, paint and much much more.


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Brisbane Shipping Container Conversions – Prepare to be Amazed!

If you’re looking for something a little more unique or specialised, then we can certainly help there, too. With one of the largest shipping container modification facilities in Australia, Shipping Containers Brisbane can convert a simple shipping container into a fantastic residential or business space. Garden sheds, home offices, outdoor rooms, pool cabanas, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, retail shops, roadshow displays, exhibition booths, travelling art exhibitions…the list really is endless.

Modified Containers All Ready to Go

If you need extra accommodation or site offices or the like on your mine site in a hurry, you’re probably not too worried about personalised refinements. In situations like this, our range of pre-designed modified shipping containers are just the ticket. Just got a new contract and need to start in a hurry? No problem. Ship in a site office, and start from there. Having trouble finding reasonably-priced accommodation for your workers on a mine site? Order in a heap of container accommodation units and a kitchen or two and some ablution blocks and save time and money.

Container Modifications To Suit You

So what types of container modifications are available? Just about anything you can dream up, that’s what! You design it (or suggest it) and we can probably build it. But even basic modifications can make a world of difference to your container, and they are very easily organised. Standard accessories include windows, doors, insulation, electrical and phone installation, air conditioning, kitchens, hot water systems, bathrooms, signage, paint jobs, specialty flooring, heavy-duty shelving, and more. The end result is an efficient and personalised workspace that has everything you want where you want it – in an easily transportable, moveable space.

Shipping Container Special Projects

Have you got a special project in mind? Something above and beyond? Then you’ve come to the right place, as we’re the people to help take it from an idea to something real and spectacular. At Shipping Containers Brisbane we offer a versatile and exciting container conversion service that will help you create a purpose-built space for your venture. Don’t worry if you think it’s difficult, or tricky to pull off. We’ve been converting shipping containers for years, and have learned all the tricks of the trade. Whatever grand design you can come up with, our talented conversion specialists will be happy to help you create your ideal shipping container masterpiece.

Container Pools, Cafes and Exhibition Stands

Thinking about getting a pool? How about a shipping container pool, with a shipping container cabana – perfect for our amazing Queensland climate. And unlike a below ground pool, you can take this pool with you if you move! Always wanted to open up a café, but don’t like the idea of long-term rental? Turn a shipping container into a funky café and find a business with room in their carpark to create a win-win situation. Want to host an exhibition that can travel around Australia? A shipping container art gallery is the perfect solution.  The sky really is the limit when it comes to shipping container modifications!

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

All our shipping container conversions and modifications come with a money back guarantee so if it happens that your modified container is not suitable or what you expected, you are completely protected. We have thousands of satisfied customers, including councils, government departments (RTA, TAFE, the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Federal Police to name just a few), as well as clients from mining, construction, rail, agriculture and energy. We think you’ll be a very satisfied customer too!

100% Australian Owned – Another Bonus!

Another great thing about Shipping Containers Brisbane is that we’re 100% Australian owned, and all our special projects modifications are done in our Australian modification centre. This means that you are getting the highest quality modified containers available and you’re also supporting a home-grown Australian business. Helping the local economy is something we really believe in, and by buying or modifying your shipping container with us, you’re helping to secure Australia’s working future as well.

Start Your Modified Shipping Container Project Today!

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