Site Offices Brisbane

Take a look at the nearest Brisbane construction site and what do you see? First up – a site office. The hub of most worksites, and one of the first shipped in. How else does all the rest of the work get organised if there’s nowhere to organise it from! The site office really is the heart of a site. It’s where new hires turn up for work, site contacts are based, and where site plans can be spread out and consulted in peace (when the phone isn’t ringing, of course!)


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Portable Buildings

Site offices are the perfect portable building, and can be found on worksites, mining sites, construction sites, agricultural properties and even festival sites all over Australia. Their ease of transporting makes container site offices the number one choice when setting up on site, and their modular and stackable nature make them extremely versatile. Insulated, ventilated, air-conditioned and completely secure, Shipping Containers Brisbane specialise in purpose-built portable site offices for all industries and any situation, and can design, manufacture and deliver both shipping container offices and multi-purpose transportable buildings to wherever you require them.

Get Your Shipping Container Site Office Here

Shipping container site offices are one of the most popular transportable buildings that we sell. Made out of heavy duty corten steel, designed to withstand the elements found on a rough ocean voyage, they can also withstand the rigours of a busy worksite. Equipped with power, phone and data fittings, air-conditioning, a lockable store room, secure personnel doors, and windows with heavy duty security shutters, and an insulated roof, they have everything you need to operate a busy worksite effectively and efficiently. Plus they are the strongest on the market, and offer exceptional convenience and impressive security.

You can also add extra fittings or items from our accessories list, or have one customised further to suit your exact requirements. Festivals, exhibitions, roadshows, mining, construction, energy, agriculture…whatever industry you’re in, or organisation you are running, Shipping Containers Brisbane have a site office to suit your needs.

Site Office Features:

  • Easily transportable and relocatable.
  • All Australian made.
  • Modular and expandable – stack on additional offices
  • Wind proof, water proof, vermin proof
  • Safe & secure.
  • Large range of sizes and layouts.
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Customise to suit

Site Office Accessories Include:

  • Lighting and electricity.
  • Phone and data fit out.
  • Air-conditioning
  • Easy personnel door access.
  • Secure windows and shutters.
  • Office furniture and fit out

Customised Site Offices

Shipping Containers Brisbane have a wide range of pre-designed site offices ready to order, but if you want to modify or customise your site office, no problem. Because we can modify your site office any way you need. Our shipping container modification centre is one of the biggest in Australia, and we are the leaders in custom shipping container conversions. Whether it’s something as simple as heavy-duty shelving, or a floor that can be hosed out or something a little more complicated (like a combined office and workshop for instance) we can create the perfect site office for you.


Container Site Offices for Small Business

If you work from home and are finding it difficult to concentrate (or else lack space inside the house), a container site office placed in the back yard may be the answer you’ve been looking for. The productivity and efficiency you achieve from having your own space without distraction from children, pets, spouses and entertainment devices (all well-meaning of course!) is invaluable. And remember we can add air-conditioning, extra windows, et al, so that even the hottest and humid Queensland days can be a breeze to work through.

Get Your Site Office from the Experts

If you need a cost-effective, convenient and reliable site office, Shipping Containers Brisbane is the number one place to source it from. To order your site office, fill out our quote form or call one of our friendly sales team on ???. They’ll be able to answer any questions that you may have, and organise all the details for you.