Shipping Containers Brisbane – Side Opening


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Side opening shipping containers were originally developed for military purposes, to house and transport vehicles and weaponry that needed to be rapidly deployed, but have since become an easy-access solution to storing or transporting a vast range of commercial products.

Shipping Containers Brisbane offer you a choice of 20-foot or 40-foot models, both constructed from high-grade, corrosion-resistant Corten steel. Equally at home on the high seas or as industrial, retail or agricultural storage units, our sturdy containers are among the best on the market

Side Opening Makes Loading and Unloading Easy

It is often difficult or even impossible to load oversized equipment onto a standard container without breaking it down into its component parts, which is where Shipping Containers Brisbane’s side openers come into their own. They boast two sets of doors – the conventional 270-degree openers at the narrow end of the container, plus wide additional side doors. These are particularly useful for expediting pallet loading by forklift trucks or awkward loads that will not fit through the smaller end doors.

But remember, you need to factor in sufficient space for vehicles to man oeuvre in when loading and plan your depot or storage area accordingly.

Spacious and Secure Storage Units

Once shipping containers are retired from their busy lives on the ocean, they can enjoy long and successful second careers as robust storage units. Having convenient dual access means the containers can be arranged in different configurations, length ways or sideways, thus maximising space at your site.

Because the many official restrictions for transporting goods by sea are no longer applicable for decommissioned shipping containers, they can be heavily modified without having to take into consideration structural concerns that are important when lifting and stacking them onto ships and trains. Yet they remain exceptionally strong for everyday storage use, which is why they are sometimes known as ‘anti-vandal’ containers. If you add lock boxes, you have a unit that is more or less impregnable to all but the most determined thieves.

Incorporating Effective Anti-Condensation Features

Ventilation and insulation are among a number of features Shipping Containers Brisbane can recommend to help combat the age old problem of condensation that plagues all metal shipping containers. The last thing you need is for your valuable contents, such as grains and other dry goods, to be spoiled by damp. You can discuss your particular storage requirements and specify these and other modifications at the point of ordering.

Shipping Container Conversions and Modifications

Whoever first thought of using shipping containers for something other than transport and storage was on to a winner! You can now find containers all over the world that have been converted into an astounding variety of uses. They have been cleverly repurposed by architects and designers into cafes, bars, boutiques, offices, clinics, staff canteens and rest rooms. Not to mention houses, bungalows and (thanks to their inherent stackability) even apartment complexes!