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A steel box may not be the first premises you think of when planning a new café business but you will be amazed at how a simple shipping container can be transformed into a welcoming diner that your customers will return to time and again.

Shipping Containers Brisbane are one of Australia’s foremost experts in shipping container modifications, rolling out hundreds of different conversions each year. The designs are limited only by your imagination! Our engineers will work in tandem with you, using all their experience and knowhow to create the ultimate café space, at a fraction of the cost of a regular restaurant set-up.

Portable Container Cafés Make Perfect Brisbane Business Option

With the cost of commercial properties in Brisbane and across Queensland rising almost daily, including a 5% hike over the past year, it has become an increasingly tough challenge for budding entrepreneurs to find affordable business premises. But Shipping Containers Brisbane has an exciting solution to the problem – portable cafés built around the framework of a steel shipping container.

You probably have the image of a boring grey box in your head, but take a look at some of the examples elsewhere on our website and the internet, and you will be surprised at some of the jaw-dropping designs businesses have dreamt up. Industrial chic is very much in vogue and would work very well in Brisbane’s trendier suburbs, such as Newstead and Bulimba, not to mention the Brisbane CBD.

High-impact Brisbane Café Designs to Attract the Passing Trade

There’s no limit to the number of attractive style features Shipping Containers Brisbane could add to your shipping container. Brisbane’s coffee drinkers include plenty of cool young dudes, who can make or break a new start-up with their repeat custom. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so we can help you pull out all the stops and work with you to incorporate plenty of head-turning features that will have all the cappuccino and latté drinkers flocking.

Panels can be added to the corrugated steel side panels to soften the lines, and be brightened up with paint effects or printed vinyl stickers sporting your company logo and strapline. The container doors could swing out to reveal exciting food menus and drink lists mounted on blackboards. A power source would allow you to run all your coffee and food-making equipment, plus cool lighting and a suitable soundtrack.

Container Café Portability Offers So Many Options

A truck with a Hiab crane is usually all that is needed to deliver a shipping container to your location, which means your café can be up and running in next to no time. Portability also opens up all manner of potential venues. You need to check for planning permission with your local council, but if you look around there are so many vacant sites that you could exploit as long or short-term options.

For example, you could choose one of the many construction sites that have been mothballed while waiting for developers to start work. Chances are planning permission would be straightforward in this instance. Brisbane is full of parks and other open spaces that would make great homes for your business and offer plenty of footfall. Think how many spots along our coastline and the Brisbane River that would make great locations for a busy coffee shop.

Maximise Revenue by Installing a Container Café at your Club

Sports clubs are always looking to improve their cashflow and an onsite café supplied by Shipping Containers Brisbane is a great option. It could be brought in during the busy season and simply removed or taken to another site when you do not need it. Sports fans will definitely appreciate having hot and cold drinks, burgers and hotdogs readily available on site.

It could also be an option for large companies with sites away from main shopping areas, where it is difficult to grab lunch without having to drive. You could provide a short menu and even a smart seating area. A well-fed and watered workforce is likely to be happier and work harder!

Tough and Secure Shipping Containers Offer Peace of Mind

When you finish trading each day, you can rest assured that your shipping container café will remain well protected overnight, as we can install a range of tough security features, including steel shutters and lock boxes that resist potential thieves using angle-grinders and bolt-croppers.

Call Our Team to Discuss the Ideal Brisbane Shipping Container Café

If you would like to discuss your business plans with us, we will happily sit down and let you know which design options are feasible. Just email or call our office to fix an appointment.