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With money increasingly tight and younger Queenslanders, in particular, struggling to get a foothold on the property ladder, Shipping Containers Brisbane can now offer an attractive, low-cost housing solution – refurbished shipping container homes.

Architects and interior designers have enthusiastically embraced the container home concept, recognising not only the attractive cost benefits but also the all-important environmental impact of ‘upcycling’ decommissioned shipping containers, which would otherwise be scrapped. There are currently an estimated 17 million container units around the world, which means that supply is plentiful and second-hand container prices are sure to remain competitive. Shipping Containers Brisbane have built a huge variety of attractive dwellings, from basic single-unit homes to stacked, multi-floored mansions.

The Scale of Your Container Home is Limited Only by Space and Your Budget

This smart, modular approach to home building facilitates huge design flexibility. It is almost like a giant Lego set for grown-ups! Depending on available space, the containers can be arranged in almost unlimited configurations. And if you find you later need more space as your family grows, simply ask Shipping Containers Brisbane to design and build you another unit! Transportation is easy and you could have a handy extra room delivered to your Brisbane location or anywhere in Queensland or beyond within a matter of weeks.

With even a relatively modest budget, plus the all-important green light from the local authority, you could install a single-storey shipping container, converted into a stunning, glass-sided holiday home overlooking one of Brisbane’s wonderful beaches. What could be better than sipping a chilled glass of wine, while watching the sun set over the Pacific?

We Will Build a Unique Home to Your Own Design

If you have more funds available there is huge potential for building a home with genuine wow factor. Container homes are not just a compromise for many of our buyers, they are the result of positive lifestyle choices and the desire to build totally unique yet practical living spaces. We have even heard of a goliath 3,700 sq foot home in the US, comprising of no less than 14 shipping containers! Shipping Containers Brisbane can build homes up to eight storeys high, which means developers could even create apartment complexes, ideal for holidaymakers flocking to the spectacular beaches of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

You can design your own colour scheme and, if you do not warm to the industrial chic look of plain steel, there are also ways of cladding walls in timber or other materials to soften the edges. We can fit windows and doors exactly where you need them.

And when it comes to interiors, you can expect the same facilities and features you would demand of a conventional property. That means fully plumbed bathrooms where possible; air-conditioning; electrical fit-outs to your specification; patio doors; and even solar panels. Insulation means your home will maintain an ambient temperature, regardless of the weather, even during Brisbane’s unforgivably hot summers.

The Perfect Choice for Retirement Homes

Once the kids have moved on and retirement beckons, you could downsize from your family home, find a building plot in a nice suburb like Sandgate, Hyde Park or Wilston, and free up some cash to really enjoy your later years. We can install all the modern comforts and even add a separate shipping container at the bottom of the garden for the grandkids to stay in!

Or perhaps you live in a cooler part of Australia and would like to build a holiday home in or near Brisbane, so you can escape the winters. Container homes would be an extremely cost-effective way to make this dream come true.

Considering the DIY Portable Home Option

If you are still years away from retirement and fancy yourself as something of a DIY expert, you could consider purchasing a standard 20 or 40-foot unit from Shipping Containers Brisbane and try undertaking the conversion yourself. Our engineers have spent years perfecting techniques and finding the easiest methods of joining together and customising shipping containers, so it is not something you should undertake lightly. It will almost certainly demand welding ability, plus a variety of other skills commonly used in house building.

We can make the challenge easier for you by offering a range of joining kits and other useful accessories. There are also handy books, Youtube videos and publications available, which offer design process flowcharts, site preparation tips and guides to the installation of services, such as water, power and drainage. All these will save you time and probably money.

Pre-Designed Shipping Container Homes

If the DIY challenge is not so appealing or you have insufficient time, Shipping Containers Brisbane offer a range of attractive, off-the-shelf options that may well be of interest. Take a look at the plans below.


The Pacific Accommodation Container From $22,795 + GST*


The Kakadu Accommodation Container From $23,065 + GST*


The Long Beach Accommodation Container From $33,930 + GST*


The Station Accommodation Trailer From $35,680 + GST*

Built to Withstand the Challenging High Seas

Shipping containers have a tough life, constantly travelling the world on ships, trucks and trains. It is estimated the world’s containers make an astonishing 200 million trips each year in total. They were originally invented in 1956 and designed from the outset to withstand the harshest weather conditions, plus all the inevitable scrapes and bangs of being on and off-loaded by crane. Hence, all our shipping container homes are built from Corten steel (also known as weathering steel), which is supremely robust and, with a regular repainting and maintenance programme, will last you for decades.

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