Refrigerated Shipping Containers Brisbane

Insulated and / or refrigerated shipping containers (also known as ‘reefers’) are essential when transporting and storing goods that require need to be chilled, frozen, or kept at a steady temperature. (Which in Queensland, is very important, we think you’ll agree!)


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Insulated Shipping Containers Brisbane

At Shipping Containers Brisbane we have both refrigerated and insulated shipping containers available. Refrigerated containers have a motor and require a power source or generator on the container, truck or train being used to transport the container. Insulated containers rely only on their insulation properties to maintain a steady temperature

Refrigerated Containers

At Shipping Containers Brisbane our refrigerated containers for sale or hire come in 3 phase 20 foot and 40 foot sizes fitted with a variable temperature control that keeps your goods between +25° C and -25° C. Single phase refrigerated containers are also available.

Refrigerated Shipping Container Types and Sizes

Our refrigerated shipping containers are available in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. Though they have the same outside dimensions as general purpose containers, the space and capacity inside is smaller because of the refrigeration unit.

Insulated or Refrigerated – Which Container is Best?

Whether you need a refrigerated or insulated container depends on the purpose of your containers, the goods you are shipping, and the distance / time the container will be travelling. For short time frames or distances, an insulated container is often all that is required, even for cold or frozen goods, because a cold chain can be maintained very effectively with pre-cooled or frozen cargo over short distances. This is useful if the transport method has no power. However, goods travelling long distances, or for longer time frames will obviously require fully refrigerated containers to better protect the cargo inside.

Refrigerated & Insulated Container Types and Sizes

Insulated Containers

Insulated containers include non-operational refrigerated containers (NOR), and purpose-built insulated shipping containers. Non-operational refrigerated containers are decommissioned refrigerated containers that may have had their motors removed. Insulated purpose-built containers are newly-built insulated containers, ideal for both shipping, and conversion into other purposes like offices, accommodation or houses.

Non-Operational (NOR) Refrigerated Containers

These are decommissioned refrigerated containers, which means the powered cooling equipment is no longer operational, but all the heavy-duty insulation of a refrigerated container still exists.

Insulated Purpose-Built Shipping Containers

These are purpose-built insulated containers designed for goods that don’t need to be refrigerated, but do need a steady temperature. We can also arrange insulation for a standard container with 50 mm Bondor panels and install air-conditioning to make it more comfortable if you are using the container as an office or workshop.

Note: both NOR containers & purpose-built insulated containers are available for sale in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes.


Modifying Your Container and Adding Accessories

Your refrigerated or insulated shipping container can be easily modified to cater to your specific needs. Shelving, lighting, butcher doors, lock boxes and more are all easily installed. If you’re converting an insulated container to an office, studio, shed or workshop, we can arrange doors, windows, paint, signage, ramps, shelving, workbenches, electrical and phone fit-outs, lighting, air-conditioning, kitchenettes and bathrooms. Simply give us a call to talk through what you need, and we can give you a fast and accurate quote. Or just use the online quote form above.

Remember, a shipping container is completely portable, so you can move it to your next site or operation easily and efficiently.


Quality Guaranteed

When it comes to refrigerated shipping containers, it’s imperative that your goods remain frozen, chilled, or held at the exact temperature you require. So buying or hiring a refrigerated or insulated container from a reputable and experienced company is essential. At Shipping Containers Brisbane, our high quality refrigerated containers are inspected and ‘pre-tripped’ before delivery, and we also offer a breakdown service in major metro areas should some unforeseen event arise.

Storage and Portable Coolroom Solutions

Though popular for shipping goods and cargo, refrigerated shipping containers can also be used for storage or as mobile cool-rooms on worksites, construction sites, film sets, festivals, and large functions – anywhere in fact that a portable solution for refrigeration is required. They’re also handy for businesses that need extra cool-room space in busy periods or as an emergency back-up when existing cool rooms break down or are being repaired or upgraded.

Use an Insulated Container for Storage

Insulated, ventilated shipping containers are excellent storage containers, especially for items that need to ‘breathe’ like cars, leather lounges, books, documents and fabric items. If you have expensive wine, an insulated shipping container can act as a secure walk-in cellar, keeping your wine at the perfect temperature all year round.

Insulation for Container Homes, Offices and Sheds

Shipping containers are made of solid, durable, Corten steel, which is perfect for withstanding the knocks and bumps of a long journey, and everything the elements can throw at it. But steel is a super-conductor, which means that when a shipping container is converted to other purposes, insulation becomes an issue. Which makes a refrigerated or insulated container a must-have for many businesses.

If it’s hot and muggy outside, you can be guaranteed that it will be even hotter and muggier inside what is, in essence, a locked steel box! Similarly, if it’s cold outside at night, it will be even colder inside! An un-insulated shipping container is not suitable for living or working in – particularly in a hot, sticky climate like Brisbane’s – so if you’re planning to convert a shipping container, insulation is essential.

Brisbane’s Climate is Harsh on Perishable Goods

Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate attracts plenty of sun-seekers but also presents a major challenge for businesses looking to transport and store perishable goods. Thanks to Shipping Containers Brisbane, we can offer you a convenient solution in the form of our popular range of refrigerated shipping containers. For many types of farm produce, including meat, drinks, dairy, fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers, temperature control is not just desirable, it is essential. Available with inbuilt refrigeration or simply as insulated containers, refrigerated shipping containers are a spacious solution to the safe transportation of all perishable cargoes.

The Perfect Option for Transportation of Perishable Cargoes

Modern distribution networks extend over vast distances with goods often travelling hundreds or even thousands of miles across Australia or even internationally. Maintaining the correct ambient temperature throughout their journey is a prime consideration for producers. The impact of a whole container of imported cheese or prime Brisbane River Valley lamb spoiling, due to excessive Queensland heat, could break some companies, which is why Shipping Containers Brisbane always discuss your requirements with you to come up with the most cost-effective option.

Choose the Ideal Refrigerated Container for Your Purpose

For particularly temperature-sensitive loads, perhaps where food health and safety are paramount, we highly recommend containers with integral refrigeration units, also known in the shipping trade as ‘reefers’. These are often chosen by customers moving cargo long distances or overseas. All Shipping Container Brisbane’s products are International Standards Organisation (ISO) compatible, meaning they conform to rigorous industry standards for all cargo containers making sea journeys.

Where precise temperatures are not required, you may save money and opt for a non-operational refrigerated container (NOR). This is our budget option, essentially a fully refrigerated container unit but with the engine either decommissioned or completely removed. All the high-performance, original insulation remains, helping to maintain an ambient temperature, regardless of the external climate. It also combats problems associated with condensation, which has the potential to adversely affect produce such as rice, flour, grains, cereals and dry foods.

Refrigerated Containers Can Be Used for More Than Just Storage

Shipping Containers Brisbane enjoy a brisk trade in selling or hiring units for transportation purposes, but our refrigerated containers have far broader functionality, with customers continuing to surprise us with their outlandish uses! They are limited only by your imagination. We may be grateful for the warm Brisbane climate and all the leisure opportunities it provides on the Pacific coast and along the banks of the Brisbane River, but there is another side to the coin. Outdoor functions under Queensland’s sun and average 78-degree summer temperatures can become more of a chore than a pleasure without the sanctuary of a cool, refrigerated space. Our portable containers make welcome refuges or storage spaces for food and drink. They can be hired for short or long periods depending on your needs.

On inland construction and mining sites temperatures can be a real challenge, particularly out in the bush. Caterers are always grateful for a spacious cool-room in which to store workers’ meals and keep drinks chilled. They can even be used by film-makers working on productions in remote areas, where permanent structures are not an option.

A Range of Container Sizes to Meet All Your Needs

With Shipping Container Brisbane’s refrigerated spaces available to either hire or buy, and voluminous 40 or 20-feet lengths to choose from, you should find the perfect size for your purposes. With the refrigeration unit and insulation encroaching on interior storage space, please note that internal dimensions will be slightly less than those found in our conventional models. Both come in standard three-phase/415 volt or single-phase option on request, and allow variable temperature control in a range between -25˚c and +25˚c.

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