High Cube Shipping Containers Brisbane


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Standard shipping container units have the ability to carry a large load, but there are times when particularly tall items require the extra foot of height offered by a popular variation – the 9’6” high cube shipping container. Surprisingly, the extra foot of height in a 40-foot high cube actually offers an additional 12% of very useful storage, in comparison to a standard 40-footer. Access is easy via 270-degree opening doors.

A Popular Option for Transporting Tall Loads

Shipping Containers Brisbane offer you a number of solutions for transporting or storing tall, awkward loads, and our high cube shipping containers (also known as sea containers) are a regular choice for discerning haulage companies. They can be easily stacked by crane and dock workers are very used to handling them. They are also ‘intermodal’ meaning they can be transferred from train to truck to ship without their contents being unloaded each time.

High Cubes Work Equally Well as Secure Storage Facilities

There are an unlimited number of scenarios where temporary extra storage is required, either as part of logistical scheduling or as a contingency plan. The beauty of high cube shipping containers is in the extra headroom they offer. This can allow a handy lighting rig to be installed or additional shelving, thus offering more versatility than a standard unit.

High cubes can be used as overflow storage for farms, mines and factories or as useful additional stockrooms for retail businesses and warehouses. We can install vents or you can use Absorpoles and de-humidifiers to combat the occasional problem of condensation, which can detrimentally affect some contents.

Due to their portability, high cube shipping containers can be brought in at very short notice to solve a short-term need even in remote rural locations, then simply taken away when no longer required. This is certainly more cost-effective than building a permanent storage facility that may remain empty for years. With lock-boxes to protect padlocks from thieves using power tools and bolt-croppers, you can rest assured that your contents will be well protected.

Specifications  20′ Hi-Cube Container  40′ Hi-Cube Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 33.0 m3 76.2 m3
Max Gross Weight 24.800 kg 30.480 kg
Tare Weight 1.900 kg 4.150 kg

Modified High Cube Containers

Container modification is a speciality at Shipping Containers Brisbane and our engineers have built up a lot of experience in adapting basic units into all manner of different uses. They have been used as temporary or permanent retail premises; site offices; workers’ canteens; cafes; rest rooms; medical facilities and many other roles.

High Cube Container Homes

There has been an explosion of interest in using converted shipping containers as homes, and at 9’6” high cubes offer useful extra headroom, to help combat any feeling of claustrophobia. An internet search will reveal hundreds of creative ideas for turning a simple metal box into the home of your dreams!

Shipping Containers Sydney offer a bespoke service, allowing you to specify not just numbers and sizes of windows and doors, but also all the other conveniences you would expect of any home – bathrooms, lounges, heating systems, air-conditioning, electrical fittings or perhaps even a sauna and hot tub!

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