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Do you have a load to transport that is tall, an awkward shape and extremely tough to move? Then Shipping Containers Brisbane has the solution – flat rack shipping containers. Lay down any transport challenge and our team will rise to it, coming up with cost-effective solutions to moving even the most demanding of cargoes.

Strong, rigid and extremely versatile, customers frequently use flat rack shipping containers to transport cargo to and from Brisbane that they thought nigh on impossible to move. We have been supplying flat racks to move cumbersome loads throughout Brisbane, Queensland and across Australia for many years, building up vital experience and local knowledge along the way. For our dedicated crew failure is not an option!

An Innovative Approach to Moving the Most Challenging of Loads

Make Shipping Containers Brisbane the first number you call if you need to safely and efficiently move awkward items from A to B. Flat rack shipping containers are often the only viable option when moving large loads, such as heavy plant, large industrial machinery, oversized vehicles, timber, metal sheets or even tall boats. They come in a range of sizes and types, up to 40 feet in length.

So, if you are expecting a shipment of large mining equipment into the Port of Brisbane and need to transport it to a remote site in the Queensland outback, flat rack containers could be the perfect answer. Our containers are specifically designed to meet international standards, meaning that all ports have the capability to easily manage them, using either forklifts, grabs or cranes. Loading and unloading is a cinch.

A Wide Choice of Flat Rack Shipping Containers to Meet Your Needs

Shipping Containers Brisbane offer an adaptable range of containers, which means there is every chance they can accommodate even large earth-moving equipment, bulky cable drums, storage tanks or even prefabricated buildings.

Essentially consisting of a wide, flat bed, the attraction of flat rack containers is in their flexibility. They come with or without fixed ends and offer numerous anchor points, to which your load will be lashed, to prevent it from sliding around during transit, even in heavy seas or on bumpy roads. Strong weight-bearing corner fittings ensure that flat rack containers remain stackable, which is essential in marine cargo holds If you are unsure of which unit is best suited to your transport needs, please feel free to contact our team. They come for sale or hire in two industry-standard lengths of various configurations.

  • 20-foot collapsible-end flat rack containers
  • 20-foot fixed-end flat rack containers
  • 20-foot platform flat rack containers
  • 40-foot collapsible-end flat rack containers
  • 40-foot fixed-end flat rack containers
  • 40-foot platform flat rack containers
Specifications 20′ Flat Rack Container  40′ Flat Rack Container
Max Gross Weight 21,440 kg 25,000 kg
Tare Weight 2,560 kg 5,480 kg
Dimensions  Length  Width  Height
20′ Flat Rack External 6.60 m (20′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.90 m (9’6”)
20′ Flat Rack Internal 5.80 m 2.99 m 2.66 m
40′ Flat Rack External 12.19 m (40′) 2.44 m (8′) 2.90 m (9’6”)
40′ Flat Rack Internal 12.00 m 2.29 m 2.66 m

Flat Rack Fixed-End Containers

Some loads present a logistical nightmare for haulage companies but with Shipping Container Brisbane’s fixed-end models there exists a ready-made solution. Offering sufficient stability for stacking purposes and high-load capacity steel frames, they can safely house oversized items that would be out of the question using conventional shipping containers. Lashing rings on the side-rails and corner posts help keep the whole load in place. Forklift pockets allow for easy transportation on or off trucks or cargo vessels.

Flat Rack Collapsible Containers

Offering a spacious storage platform for large loads, flat rack collapsible containers are useful in that they allow the end walls to be removed, so that vehicles can be driven onto the unit, then the walls put back in place for stability and security. This makes them perfect for over-high or over-wide construction or mining vehicles.

Platform Flat Rack Containers

These containers dispense entirely with walls yet still offer high loading capacity on their robust softwood platforms, meaning they can handle very awkwardly shaped objects, such as turbines and large tanks but also offer easy access, thanks to the absence of obstructions.

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We are happy to answer any queries you may have. If this is the first time you have ordered a shipping container we will guide you every step of the way and offer you the best deal in Brisbane.