Shipping Container Shelters

Shipping container shelters are a fantastic invention! They can shelter large items (such as heavy machinery), are quick to construct, are completely portable and can provide a dual purpose of accommodation or secure storage at the same time. Brilliant!


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Container Shelters Brisbane

Here at Shipping Containers Brisbane we have a great range of container shelters designed to store and protect items like industrial machinery, farm equipment, produce, vehicles and mining equipment. Wind, rain, heat, cold, sun, frost – a container shelter protects from them all, and has the added benefit of being able to be shifted to a new area when required. There are many industries that will benefit from a container shelter, including mining, construction, agricultural, nurseries, factories, workshops and more.

Dual Benefits of Container Shelter Design

The really clever thing about shipping container shelters is their dual benefits of utility and shelter. The shipping containers that form the base of the shelter not only provide a secure foundation for the shelter, they also have all the benefits that shipping containers bring, and can be used for secure storage, or as a functional item like a site office or first aid room.

How a Container Shelter Works

The container shelter design is as simple as it is practical. Two shipping containers are placed parallel to each other (forming the base), leaving the space in the middle for the goods that need to be sheltered. A domed shelter is then secured to the shipping containers to create a high-arched cover.

Getting a higher roof for larger equipment is as easy as building a base of two containers stacked on top of each other which create a 5 metre high wall and – of course – more functional shipping container space. Use one for a site office, another for accommodation, another as a lunch room, and another as a first aid room for example, and you have a completely functional worksite and shelter, all in one.

Bigger shelters (rather than higher) can be built using the four shipping containers placed end to end instead of being stacked. If the space needs to be completely enclosed, end walls can also be put in place.

Though originally designed to be portable, the utility and cost-effectiveness of shipping container shelters have proved an economical solution to many businesses requiring large-scale shelter, and permanent shipping container shelters are now common on mines and worksites around the country.


Standalone Shelters Also Available

Standalone shelters without shipping containers can also be arranged. In this case, the shipping containers are designed so that they can be sited on walls or posts. These are incredibly useful in large worksites, and of course, farms and properties.

Range of Container Shelters Available

Shipping Containers Brisbane has a Premium range and an Economy range of shipping container shelters. Our Premium range is available in a large variety of sizes and can also be custom made to order if required. The Economy range is available in a select size range. The standard units handle winds up to 152 kms an hour. Higher wind rated shelters (up to 316kms) are also available. And all our shelters are made to Australian Standards and are covered by a 5 – 10 year warranty.

Shipping Container Shelters Features:

  • Economical shipment and assembly
  • Easy to construct – no building licence required
  • 6-16 m wide, 6-30+ m length
  • Made with strong, durable tensile membrane
  • Custom size and manufacture available
  • Permanent and transportable designs available
  • Construct on shipping containers, walls or posts
  • Stand-alone models available
  • Low radiant heating
  • Range of colours
  • Total sun block out available
  • No beams – no roosting birds!
  • Standard units wind-rated up to 152 km an hour
  • Higher wind ratings up to 316 km an hour

And remember, our containers and shelters all come with a money back guarantee!

Protect Your Stock or Machinery

A container shelter is perfect for creating shade for refrigerated shipping containers, trucks, tractors, harvesters, farm machinery, mining machinery, stock, stores, fertilisers, chemicals and more. If you need to protect your expensive equipment, but don’t want the expense of (or don’t need) a permanent structure, a shipping container shelter really is the ideal solution. So take a look at the shelters available, and then call on (07) 3198 6697 , or simply fill out our quote form above. Container shelters really are a brilliantly ingenious invention, that you’ll use time and time again.